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Provider Directory Disclosures/Disclaimers

The InjuredCare Medical Provider Directory is a PAID ADVERTISEMENT. The Medical Provider Directory is not a referral service, pre-paid health plan, health-services organization, or advertising cooperative. The Medical Provider Directory is not endorsed, approved, or recommended by any state licensing association.

The professionals listed in the Medical Provider Directory may have paid a fee to be listed. The list of providers that appears on the screen in response to your search does not identify every provider authorized to practice in the ZIP code you select.

LawConnect sells advertising in the Medical Provider Directory in tiers. The providers pay varying amounts for each tier. The greater the amount paid by a provider, the more prominent hisor her listing will be in the results of your search. LawConnect limits the number of providers in each tier. The providers who pay the highest fees are listed at the top of the screen that displays search results. Five (5) providers may purchase a listing in the top tier. The providers who pay the second highest fees are listed after the providers in the top tier. Fifteen (15) providers may purchase listings in the second tier.

LawConnect makes no representation that providers listed at the top are superior to the other providers listed. You should not determine which provider you select based on the tier in which he or she is listed or the prominence of his or her contact information in your search results.

The decision to hire or engage the services of a medical provider should not be based only on theinformation contained in this advertisement. Any decision regarding which provider to engage should be based on an independent investigation of all facts and circumstances that you deem relevant in making the decision.

You are not required to retain a medical provider who meets your search criteria. LawConnect will never refer you to a specific provider or service. You have complete discretion in deciding which provider to retain, if any. Your selection of a provider shall be your sole responsibility, and LawConnect shall not have any liability related to your selection. It is entirely your responsibility to make sure that the terms on which you engage a provider listed in the Medical Provider Directory are acceptable to you. LawConnect shall not share in any fees paid or payableby you to a listed provider.

LawConnect makes no promise, warranty or other guarantee about the completeness, accuracy ortruthfulness of the information contained in the Injured Care Medical Provider Directory. The information in the Medical Provider Directory, including, but not limited to, each listed provider’s contact information, is provided and based on representations by, and is the responsibility of, the provider. LawConnect does not verify where any providers are licensed to practice in any particular state.

LawConnect does not recommend or endorse any listed provider or any specific tests, products, procedures, opinions, or other information that may be mentioned on any LawConnect Site. LawConnect also does not guarantee or make any representations regarding the competence, integrity, honesty or trustworthiness of, the qualifications of, the quality of advice provided by orthe ability or suitability of any provider.

The fact that a provider has indicated in the InjuredCare Medical Provider Directory that he or she treats one or more conditions is not intended to imply or constitute a representation that such provider is more expert or competent than any other provider who treats that condition. In addition, such an indication also does not mean that the provider is a specialist in treating such condition, possesses specialized knowledge of such condition, or has been certified by any state licensing agency or any other organization as a specialist or expert in such practice area.

The listed providers are not employed or screened by LawConnect. The fact that a provider is listed in the InjuredCare Medical Provider Directory is not intended to imply and should not be interpreted to mean that such provider is more capable or more qualified than any provider not listed in the InjuredCare Medical Provider Directory.

The above disclaimers apply to all provider listings that appear as sponsored links or featured listings on or elsewhere on LawConnect Sites.

General Disclosures/Disclaimers

You shall utilize all LawConnect Sites at your own risk. LawConnect makes no representation regarding the medical providers, attorneys, or other resources on the LawConnect Sites. LawConnect does not guarantee the likelihood that you will find an attorney, medical provider, or other relevant or satisfactory information through the LawConnect Sites.

LawConnect is not a law firm or a healthcare provider, does not render legal or medical services,and does not intend to hold itself out as a either a law firm or healthcare provider. LawConnect or the use thereof does not establish an attorney–client relationship or medical-provider-patient relationship. Also, LawConnect will not interfere with or influence your choice of attorney or medical provider and will not have the ability to, nor will it, influence or affect any relationship between you and any attorney or medical provider you choose to retain or with whom you choose to communicate. All communications between you and an attorney or medical provider should not be shared with any person representing or employed by LawConnect.

The contents of the LawConnect Sites, such as text, graphics, images, video, forms, and other material contained on the LawConnect Sites (“Content”) are for informational purposes only. The Content does not, and shall not be construed to, constitute legal or medical advice. Nothing provided in any LawConnect site should be considered a substitute for the informed advice of an attorney or for the advice, diagnosis, and treatment of a professional medical provider. LawConnect also will not advise you on legal or medical issues. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on the a LawConnect Site.

LawConnect is not and shall not be liable for any claim, loss, cost, or liability that arises out of orrelates to your use of the LawConnect Sites or any attorney or medical provider who provides or fails to provide legal or medical services to you, the provision by an attorney or medical providerof false or misleading information to LawConnect, or the failure of an attorney or medical provider to meet his or her responsibilities under the rules and regulations of the state(s) in whichthe attorney or medical provider is licensed to practice.

LawConnect fully disclaims any and all liability directly or indirectly arising out of or relating to the Content contained in, the use of, or the services available through the LawConnect Sites or for the results or consequences of any representation of you by an attorney listed in the GetLegal Attorney Directory or elsewhere on any LawConnect Site or a medical provider listed in the InjuredCare Medical Provider Directory or elsewhere on any LawConnect Site.

LawConnect makes no representations or warranties in relation to the Content. The Content is provided to the general public and is not intended to be directed at any specific legal or medical issue. The Content is not a substitute for legal or medical advice from a licensed professional. Also, the Content provided on LawConnect Sites may not fit every circumstance, and LawConnect cannot guarantee that the any part of the Content fits your particular circumstances and needs. We recommend that you consult with an attorney or medical provider if you want assurances that any part of the Content is appropriate for your particular situation.

LawConnect takes reasonable steps to ensure that the Content is accurate but does not make any guarantee as to the accuracy or completeness of any of the Content. Laws can change rapidly, vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and be subject to varying interpretations. Medical knowledge and treatments also change rapidly.

LawConnect does not review or analyze legal or medical issues and cannot assist you with the resolution of your legal or medical issue. LawConnect does not select legal forms or documents for you or assess which legal form or document is most appropriate for your situation. LawConnect does not prepare legal documents or assist you in the preparation of legal documents. LawConnect does not provide legal advice relative to proceedings in court.

LawConnect contains Internet links to other resources and businesses. Those links are provided to help you identify other Internet resources that may be of interest to you but are not intended tostate or imply that LawConnect endorses, is affiliated with or related to, verifies the accuracy or completeness of the content of, or sponsors these other websites. LawConnect in no way represents that these other websites contain accurate, complete or useful information.

Updated May 2021